The Platform

Liquid Enterprise Technology

Build your own apps.

Develop your own enterprise grade apps or Workuments add-ons with little or no code. Re-configure Workuments to work the way you do. Automate business processes. Build custom forms and logic. Create an analytical repository.

Beyond HR

Connect your talent with your operations and beyond. Build apps to manage your customers, invoices, inventory, workload, and anything else you can imagine.

No Worries

Run your app in the Workuments cloud. No hardware or software to buy. No expensive staff to configure and maintain your system. No helpdesk to operate. No backups to run. Nothing to monitor. Tons of security features automatically applied. No loss of sleep.

At a glance

The bottom line: Build Anything

Build apps at the speed of your imagination. From simple to enterprise. Web or mobile. Little to no code. It's cool. It's the future.


Design, deploy, and monitor workflows. Automate business processes. Reduce errors. Achieve greatness. Retire as a hero.


Focus your expensive developers' time on more productive matters and let business analysts and junior staff take over. It's that easy.

Save time and money

Tons of features to speed up application development by up to 80%. Lower cost of operations and maintenance. Less reliance on people. Faster deployments.


Never worry about disk space and server scaling again. Workuments runs on a highly scalable, distributed cluster with virtually infinite compute and disk capacity.

And More

Support for numerous databases and interfaces. APIs. Middleware. Simple and complex design patterns. Proven on large, enterprise-grade apps. Secure by design.


The Workuments Platform powers large, complex implementations for customers that demand perfection. From connecting disparate systems to managing the quality of healthcare for over 20 million people, businesses trust the Workuments Platform to operate mission critical systems and processes.

The New Way.

Programming languages are so 20th century. They are not designed for speed. They rely on expensive people. They are prone to human errors. You need to look at the new way. Welcome to the 21st century.

Endless possibilities

Your vision. Your ideas. Your perfect world. Build any app and see it run in the Workuments cloud. You can actually sleep at night now.