The Spirit Of Talent


Over 1000 pre-defined fields and unlimited custom fields help you define the system as unique as your business. Pick where they show up and who can see them. Define your own processes and workflows. Put some wear and tear on it and see it flourish.

Engineered for you

Workuments is more than software. It’s an experience, handcrafted just for your business. No cookie cutters. No shortcuts. No one guessing your requirements from the cozy offices across the world. Only real people on the street, talking to the actual customers like you, creating experiences that make a difference.

At a glance

Everything You Need For Human Capital Management
Insane Automation

Nothing should ever take more than a few clicks. No process should ever be manual or hard. It's The Workuments Way.

Highly configurable

The most flexible HRIS software in the world with thousands of configuration options. Pure functionality. No workarounds.


Easily integrate or interface with any system of your choice. Consume or publish APIs. Define rules, data flows, and workflows.


Enforce all applicable laws. Administer the company policy. Have a central view of your compliance program and business processes.

Universal Access

Choose who can see and change what. Be as detailed as you'd like. Give every employee self-service access.

Meet a concierge

Get your own HRIS system concierge to manage and optimize the system for you. Ask for recommendations. Enjoy efficiencies.


It’s not just a collection of data about your employees. It’s as smart as your business. It works the way you do. It automates your processes. It helps you make decisions. It helps your employees perform better. It makes your business more competitive.


It knows your people and it gives you advice. It makes your business function better. It impresses everyone and helps your organization tick. Think of it as your crystal ball. Set it free and see what it can do.

Packed with Innovation

Use artificial intelligence to define business rules and let the system learn about you. Experience the unique flexibility by defining your own apps, forms, and workflows. Use your imagination and see the perfect world appear in front of you. It’s not a dream.