Case Manager

Ultra flexible. Enterprise ready.


Managing the quality of care for over 20 million people. Providing service to 1,300 hospitals. Growing by 100Gb of data per month. Available 24/7. The unsung hero of success.

Web to case functionality

Employee Portal. HR Portal. Operations Portal. You name it.

Rapidly configure and run enterprise case management software as unique as your business.



Fully configurable layouts, flows, data models, processes, and business rules. So flexible, it's magic.

Artificial intelligence

Case Manager is smart. It interfaces with IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Amazon AI and has its own expert system on top of that.


Traditional search is simple. How about traversing a knowledge graph to find hidden relationships between pieces of data?

API heaven

Publish any data any way you want using SOAP or REST. Consume APIs from other systems.


Use a built-in reporting engine or a BI engine of your choice.

Preconfigured flows

Intake, call center, planning, printing you name it. Feel free to reinvent the wheel.

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