The Talent Magnet

Rethink Your Talent Pool.

Design your talent pool around your perfect recruitment process and make the talent work for you. Easily find candidates by skills, notes, or specialties. Empower recruiters, managers, and employees. Grow your talent pool through referrals and social networks. Focus on results, not the paperwork.

Be the control freak.

Let the candidate see you the way you want to be seen. Help the candidate experience your organization the way you envision it. It's your brand. You get to tell the story.

Handmade with love

Every Workuments experience is designed and implemented individually. Every requirement and business process is carefully considered. Only the most elegant and efficient solution will make it. Dreams do come true.

At a glance

The Tools To Recruit Top Talent
Talent Pool

Track every data point about every candidate. Easily search and navigate your talent pool.


Track your requisitions and any associated workflows. Analyze. Stay in control.

Built for speed

Optimize your hiring process. Prospect, interview, record, search, and hire faster.


Define your perfect process and see it being followed automatically. Monitor. Enjoy.

Employment Application

Design your own employment application. Let candidates apply on any device.


Make e-offers. Run background checks. Assess. Screen. Perform WOTC interviews.

Make a wish

Designed for your industry. Optimized for your process. Works like you. Every capability is present. Just make a wish. Magic words are optional.

Go Out There.

Distribute your requisitions through job boards and social media. Run an employee referral program. Perform a pro-active outreach. Execute beautiful talent campaigns.


Track employee performance and reward them for their achievements. Make your own rules for rewarding those that truly deserve it. With Workuments, you are now in control.