The Discovery Tool

The Discovery Tool

Align HR activities with business goals. Gauge employee engagement and skill sets of each worker to ensure efficiency and performance. Interpret data, recognize trends and report issues. Take proactive steps to solve problems and come up with new solutions. Keep your organization running smoothly.

Define your Organizational Success

Cultivate and align human capital analytics with core objectives to achieve a competitive edge and drive business. Determine what makes your company prosper and what challenges need to be overcome to have continued success. Set up and monitor all key aspects of daily operations.

Measure your impact

Don't simply collect data. Interpret it and use it to your benefit. Identify trends and create a course of action. Track developments and trends in specific functional areas. Drill down on weaknesses and threats within your organization.

Report Your Findings

Develop an in-depth understanding of your organization's dynamics, based on data. Understand skill gaps, retention problems or training issues. Analyze reasons for high turnover, create a succession plan and identify top performers.

Boost Your Results

Learn from the past. Define your future. Become more efficient and move your organization forward quicker. Foster an employee-centric culture. Make wiser choices based on historical data and predict which employees are most likely to become successful leaders. Gain a more holistic picture of what your organization needs.

Improve Operations Throughout All Departments

Increase organizational confidence on decision making. Foster actionable engagement amongst both employees and management. Develop a workplace strategy that optimizes top talent and accurately monitors initiatives such as recruiting, onboarding, engagement and retention.


At a glance

Understand The Past. Plan For The Future.

Assess your organizational competencies. Build a competency roadmap that aligns with your short and long term strategy.


Track, share and analyze employees performance through metrics. Develop strategies to improve morale and engagement. Identify top talent.


Report your company’s operational efficiency. Track data and report findings. Develop training programs based on the skills gaps within the organization.


Get insights into employee performance to identify trends and to develop a winning performance improvement strategy.


Recognize strengths and weaknesses. Predict what will happen within your organization and develop a strategy to mitigate risk. Become proactive and gain a competitive edge.


Analyze and reduce staff turnover. Understand trends in the workforce. Determine the primary drivers of attrition. Focus resources and programs where you need them. Retain top talent.

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