At a Glance

Bring your logbook back to life

Create sections, categories, and subjects. Record and organize notes your way.


Create your own forms and fields. Track anything you need, the way you need it.


Define operational metrics and track them over time. Compare numbers and monitor progress.


Manage your operation from half way around the world. Get better visibility into people, products, and customers.


Link to employee records to ensure compliance and to improve employee performance. Manage maintenance and employee tasks.

The Secret

Top secret features designed in the Workuments lab, available exclusively to those that want the extraordinary.

The Logbook

Nothing Standard.

There's nothing standard about The Logbook. The old-fashioned logbook was never looked at and was never considered. Instead, Workuments worked with one of the world's largest, most prestigious restaurants to design one from scratch. Every detail was carefully considered. A healthy dose of innovation was applied. The new standard was born.

Every business is different. Every process is unique. Make The Logbook work for you the way you want it to. Select your own trackable metrics and sections. Write notes. Add attachments. Discuss.


Your business may be well established and rely on past experience, but you need modern technology to stay competitive in the future. That's why you want The Logbook. It's new, it's modern, and it scales with you.