At a Glance

Features you need - flexible as your business and modern as your children's imagination. Designed outside the box.
Forms and Documents

Manage and store every form, manual, video, and document. If you can imagine it, you can have it.


Design and execute workflows and actions. Interface other systems and processes.

Save Time

Let employees complete the onboarding outside of work hours. Save time and money.


Introduce. Train. Assess. Schedule. Coach. Manage the entire process centrally.


Gamify the onboarding experience. Make it fun and productive. Collect rewards.


Make every step easy for managers and employees. Keep the process error free.


First Impressions Matter.

Don't let your employees enter an empty room. Get ready for them and give them a warm welcome. Start by collecting the essential data. Then introduce them to the company, the team, and the job. Finally, give them the proper tools to be productive day one.


Workuments uses a unique Liquid Enterprise technology that allows you to put together your perfect onboarding solution based on pre-made building blocks as well as blocks you design. At the end of the day, you get a solution that works like your business and is optimized for your industry.